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Filter Your Life Nasal Filters

  • REDUCES UP TO 99% OF ALLERGENS. Reduce respiratory exposure to viruses, germs, flu’s, colds, bacteria, dust, pollen, pollutants, contaminants, second hand smoke and carcinogens.
  • Safe and Effective. Made of 100% breathable non-latex, skin safe material, they will not clog and seal 100% of the nasal passage, so the compliance rate has shown to be over 77% versus the less than 30% that the dust mask has shown.
  • Patented technology. Designed to help protect against foreign air born particles that find their way into nasal passages.

So glad I bought it...

"I am a 25 year flight attendant, I work for American Airlines. This product is phenomenal! Working with the traveling public on a constant basis, as well as dealing with constant time zone and weather changes is really hard on the immune system. I had actually invented my own version of this (not even close to as effective), because I was tired of being tired. My mother called me when she saw this on shark tank, and I ordered it the next day. First Defense does not require me to put substances in my body, it just filters the air. “This product is inconspicuous enough to wear at work, unlike face masks”.

- Pamela M

God Bless You!!!!!

"During the Huge Fire season a couple years ago in NorCal, I started using your product. I have very bad allergies, and spend 90% of my time outdoors and let me tell you, I am a convert. They are great when I am hauling dirt at my job, but they are Heaven sent for when I am on my motorcycle especially since I don’t even own a car! I have been using them since, and have turned so many people on to them. Once again, God Bless you!"

- M.S. Taylor

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